This kid posted some spurious stuff. – thought a re-edit could help.


  1. What we know as Democracy is nothing more than a fleeting moment of illusory  transition of VERY Real power from one bourgeois section to another. Due to workers struggle everywhere, we the workers now have the power to influence who is in power. To deny this is to belittle the struggles of the past and to seed total power to the bourgeois class.
  2. The political system exists as an integral State apparatus. Its primary concern is self-preservation.
  3. Irrespective of a (bourgeois) party’s alleged progressiveness or the faithful promises of politicians, the most “radical” of (Left) governments will only ever be able to implement the most tenuous of reforms. The same is is not true of the right – See Thatcher, Regan et al if those bastards get in we workers are fucked. 
  4. While governments may implement piecemeal policy changes for the better – such as the reformation of Australia’s immigration policy or the improvement of Medicare – these ameliorations will never challenge capitalism, the state or our hierarchical society. (they can however improve the material position of the working class – but only when forced to by working class movements) 
  5. By participating in the electoral system you validate government. Will an isolated and exclusive body of politicians – governed by elite powers – ever be capable of making the correct decisions for you, your family or your community? Can anyone accurately represent your interests? In fact, do you really want representatives to make and implement decisions for you? Surely we can resolve dilemmas, discover solutions and determine our own lives without recourse to alienating mediation, that is, indirect action and representation. No one has time to be holly-er than thou in class struggle…
  6. Not Voting is incredibly disempowering as it abdicates control over our own lives by forwarding that control to someone else.
  7. Political abstention does not entail apathy.
  8. We Our enemy are individualists who, knowingly or not, lust for authentic life Profit. Renouncing control within the political and economic spheres of society results in losing control of our personal life to capitalism; as such we should organise our communes democratically in the struggle against capitalism, and not abandon political territory in favour of revolutionary purism. If the illegitimately of capitalism can be shown, and the strength of workers demonstrated through any struggle, should we communists not support such action?  
  9.  We can construct an alternative to the state, capitalism and faux democracies

Edited: bullshit removed, improvements made and anarchists infuriated.

Until you have changed the system, you have to be able to live within it.  Until you have changed the system you may as well do everything possible to improve the conditions within it, even if they won’t be long lasting or anything other than a facade.

Not Voting Is Stupid.

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