As Salon’s Glenn Greenwald points out, could you imagine any US politician saying that, ever?

Fascinating thing to say — for any leader.

Yeah guys, let’s just respect fascists, I’m sure that will make them go away.

Unfortunately it won’t, their ideologies…their lives are inherently violent and they must be met with the same.

This is talking about prevention though. If someone acts violent towards you then it’s alright to react but the mayor is talking about preventing it from happening in the first place.

Fascists/ethnic supremacists are inherently violent, there is no other way to react to them. It’s simple to see, before the antifa movement took off the National Front at one point won 20% of the vote in some Paris districts. Respecting them as an ideology and as people only allows them to rise in strength. 

The people have to fight fascists as an act of class solidarity.  Simply increasing police presence, on an undercover act that could happen anywhere at any time, isn’t going to make a substantial difference.

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