Now that it’s been established the guy was a “conservative Christian” I wonder if Christianity will get put on trial the same way Islam always does in such cases…

No, they’ll (rightly) say it was the actions of a “lone lunatic” a “lone extremist with psychological problems” or similar such religion-devoid headlines and descriptions… because apparently religion is only relevant if they’re Muslim.

Even seen segments of the media laughably not referring to this as a “terrorist attack” any more… Because only Muslims can be terrorists, right.

Be they Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Athiest or whichever faith else… those who take innocent lives are terrorists – terrorists are terrorists, motivated by their own extreme distorted ideologies and moral imbalance, they are not the personification of their faith. Terrorism has no religion.

The Hypocrisy and inconsistencies of certain segments in the media, to push home a populist narrative, is laughable.



Except it’s only a populist narrative because the media decided long ago that it should be.  Because neo-Imperialist Western states needed to invade some Muslim countries and to do that they had to demonise Muslims so that the public support wouldn’t think twice about the massive death tolls.

It isn’t that western society inherently hates Muslims, it’s that they’re trained to for the interests of capitalism.

Verbal Resistance: Now that it’s been established the guy was a “conservative Christian”…

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