livingispolitical replied to your post: “by making out that serving in the military is a desirable vocation” Who is to say what is a desirable vocation? You do understand that some people really love their jobs that most would not consider “desirable”?

Never underestimate the revolutionary potential of a class conscious military.

I just had a pretty interesting conversation with Jordan on Facebook about whether the military can be transformed. I have no interest in a violent revolution, and the only way I can see the military providing a true revolution is by those with the weapons laying them down and leaving the military… but what kind of revolution are you envisaging?


You don’t envisage a revolution.  You don’t say “the revolution will happen on these terms but not these ones” because you don’t know what conditions will trigger the revolution to happen.  You analyse the situation, you push for change to happen but to assume that your personal agency is superior to the will of the proletariat when change does happen is naive and arrogant.

But the state won’t just let a revolution happen.  The state oppresses demonstrations, it criminalises strike action and sends in police to beat up workers, it shoots mutineers in the armed forces.  You think at any point in time a change has happened to the social/class conditions without violence?  You think the bourgeois class will let their riches be taken away and redistributed when they can still pay for someone to crack your skull?  You think they’ll let the entire military put down their guns and walk away from the situation?

I don’t envisage the revolution as happening through one specific way or another, but you can guarantee you’ll have to be able and willing to defend it against counter-revolutionaries.

As an example we can look at the Paris Commune, a largely bloodless revolution where overnight the ruling classes fled Paris because their military was weakened, the people were in a state of unrest and they feared for their safety.  When class conscious regular troops were ordered to fire on the National Guard (equivocal to militia) they refused.  This revolution happened because of the threat of violence, even if there wasn’t the scale of fighting that you’d expect.  It collapsed a couple of months later because they didn’t militarise sufficiently and when the ruling classes had rebuilt their army, they crushed the commune.

To assume that you can control how the revolution will happen is a mistake, an even greater mistake is to assume you can find a way to make it bloodless, the bourgeois will decide that not the proletariat.

The Nonviolent Communist: livingispolitical replied to your post: “by making out that serving in…

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