some tumblrs piss me off


Post about being a communist, picture of people in Guy Fawks masks, ”capitalism sucks, man!”, quote about communism, post about how the Labour party are great and need to ‘take back england and move it forward’…

Labourites are the worst. It’s like they walk around with their hands covering their ears screaming ‘lalala, fucking Tories!’

Whoops, I’m obviously forgetting about the staunch anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist and definitely-not-a-war-monger Tony Blair.

Labourites are living in the dichotomy of a party that was once very strongly a workers movement and has a lot of older members who still very much feel and represent that at the grassroots level, but it’s been subverted by capitalist interests at the head.  I don’t think it’s so simple as to decry all labourites as foolish and misguided because it still remains such a large party and it’s hard to know what the motivations are at the different levels of it, in different regions.  Although failing to criticise it’s leadership and their subversion is absolutely bonkers.

Especially after the great saviour they were hoping for, “Red Ed”, has so absolutely shown himself to be completely inadequate and pandering to capitalist interests.  It was a very clear statement of labourites wanting to bring the party back towards the left but the movement being subverted by the bourgeois.

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