35 Arrested in protest against police shootings; attacks on bank and police station — San Francisco, CA

San Francisco police made approximately 35 arrests Tuesday night during protests over an officer-involved shooting in the Bayview district on Saturday. The protest began in Dolores Park at around 5 p.m. and the march toward the Castro area began around 6 p.m.

The fatal police shooting of 19-year-old Kenneth Harding Jr., who allegedly ran from police and fired shots after officers attempted to detain him while conducting a fare enforcement at a San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency light-rail stop in the Bayview, occured Saturday and has garnered public reaction.

The crowd, estimated at 150, marched up to the Castro, where protesters vandalized a Bank of America at 18th and Castro streets. The group went on to the Castro Muni station, where protesters vandalized and threw smoke bombs into the underground station.

At one point during the protest, a group walked past Mission Police Station and someone threw a hammer at officers. The attempt failed to cause any damage and no officers were struck or injured.

The crowd proceeded down Market Street, distrupting Muni service and on-street traffic. The corridor was blocked by a combination of protesters and police. Cops diverted traffic at Fourth and Market streets, only allowing Muni vehicles through.

The Police Department declared an unlawful assembly at approximately 7:45 pm.

During the course of the protest, a news media camera operator was assaulted and an arrest was made in the incident.

All Muni stations have reopened.

What I’ve always quite liked about America is how unabashed they are in ignoring the tenets of liberalism.  One of the fundamental first generation human rights, the right to freedom of assembly, is not only broken (as you’d expect in any bourgeois state) but America has gone whole hog.  Not only does the law admit and label the right it contravenes, it goes so far as to then paint the people who exercise such a right as criminals (“unlawful assembly”).

It’s sadly not that amazing that this doesn’t cause more of a stir.

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