On his own, and as a member of the UK Independence Party, I normally hate Farrage.

But when it comes to his role as a member of the European Parliament, he kicks ass.

Except for his anglo-centric racism (for example his consistent snide comments regarding Belgium as a non-entity), and the fact that he represents a different head of the same snake (he wants to avoid the economic homogenisation of Europe to maintain a bourgeois, national based status quo.  The EU wants to transition the bourgeois power to a centralised, larger format to complete with US hegemony.  These are still bourgeois interests being fought for just from different angles).

So apart from the parts where he’s completely useless, racist and still wants to maintain a system of class oppression, just wants it to remain the same class oppression instead of allowing international unity of class consciousness, yeah he’s alright I guess.

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