For the kazillionth time, you can’t be an anarchist if you believe in government intervention…



This means you can’t believe in the government “mandating” things like “an end to slave wage” or other things that make no sense.

She’s right folks

Except for the part where she’s wrong.

Anarchism is a philosophy of class struggle with an end result being the downfall of the capitalist system ending bourgeois oppression and statist government.  That doesn’t mean you leave people to rot until the system collapses, anarchists can still be compelled by class consciousness, solidarity and generally being a human being to make sure that for as long as the state exists it should be used to limit the excesses of corporations and protect the weakest in society.

It’s generally capitalism that likes to leave people to rot when they can’t support themselves, anarchists are driven by a want to change that and make sure people can’t be in that situation.  It would be stupid for them to not fight to protect the working classes through whatever means possible, that doesn’t mean they lose sight of what their end intent is.

I suppose I should give up on expecting better than bizarre strawmen and non-sequiturs from someone who spent a bit of their life pretending they were a Maoist and then some more of their life being overly pro-capitalist.  Of course if she’d actually read some substantial philosophy on the subject rather than trumpeting about with Mao’s little red book as if it were some badge of honour, she may have a better understanding of the concepts at play …

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