”Men should not petition for rights, but take them.”

This, I think, is always the most important aspect in discussion on the matter of rights.  For example quite a big discussion topic is about how we defend the RIGHT to strike, or defend the RIGHT to protest.

The answer is we don’t.  We HAVE the right to strike and we HAVE the right to protest.  They exist because we, the people, demand that they do and declare that they cannot and will not be taken from us.  The questions we should be asking isn’t how we defend the RIGHT to do things, but how we defend the things in themselves.  How we defend strikes from government and corporations, how we defend protests from police.  There’s no matter regarding whether or not we’re allowed to – we are.

Government in theory comes from the consent of the people, and exists only in so much as the people are willing to give it consent to.  This doesn’t mean those who govern will always do what the people want.  It means that when they renege on their pact with society; society is ever ready to have it’s voice truly heard.

You cannot defend a right, if you had to it wouldn’t be a right.  You defend an action from those who would stop you from doing it.  You enforce your rights, you do not request them.

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