yeah coz class rage needs to be concious of itself to have our support?! 

  1. Riots solve nothing – they are an expression of our impotent rage at our own impotency.  
  2. Our support should unconditionally and always side with the working class when it stands against the state. Once our support is conditional, we become a smug elitist sect. Our consciousness does not make us better, nor does it mean we have the answers to struggle, it is simply the result of our material relations – that is not the position of a revolutionist, it is the position of the slave master. 
  3. In our fetishist obsession with revolutionary purity, we have become so detached from our sisters and brothers in struggle in the middle east that we do not see their struggle as our own. they are not exotic people “developing” beyond their ”natural barbarism” – democracy is not a new thing in the middle east – this is not a struggle for bourgeois democracy it is class war – it is our war. It is the same war fought on the streets of Picadilly and Oxford Street in London and Stokescroft in Bristol, Syntagma square and most powerfully on every striking picket line
  4. We should not be uncritical, but our critique should be, as always, an active one. It should comprehend the material and historical basis of the action from a class perspective . it should avoid bourgeois morality; their laws are not our laws but our oppression. 
  5. Just coz we don’t like Jocks and sport, does not mean you get to write off what people do in sports tops- that’s its childish. 

It wasn’t rage against the state, it was unbridled rage.  They burnt random cars and smashed random windows, it wasn’t directed at corporations or banks.  It wasn’t directed against the tools of the state.  It was directed at anything nearby that could be smashed.  It wasn’t class rage, it was sports team rage.  There are reports of people who would beat people up that looked vulnerable, not because they represented bourgeois society or the state.

It was class cannibalism.  You can complain about fetishisation of revolutionary purity but in being failing to recognise the chaos and misdirection of the vancouver riots, you fetishise action for the sake of action without being able to attribute or direct a purpose behind it.  This isn’t even anger against the state which can be trained and education.  To try and build a movement out of that is to collapse it as soon as it goes anywhere.

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