[TW: rape discussion.]




this is me in camden, on saturday.

Slutwalk Bristol.  A march to make the statement that victim blaming is not acceptable.  Get involved.

Uh. No.

Sluts are people, and some people are sluts.

When a slut is raped, a person is raped, who happens to be a slut. Denying this is mildly ridiculous.



Way to miss the point.

The concept of “slut” is socially constructed.  It is an label attached by society but it is not intrinsic to what a person is.  Being termed by society to be a slut is a) not necessarily true in any sense of the word, because the word has lost any relevance of a meaning when it’s just used as an insult for anyone with boobs, and b) not a justification as to why someone should be raped.

The point of the placard is that if someone is raped it’s irrelevant as to how they dressed, how free they are with their sexuality in general or anything of the sort.  What matters is that somebody violated them.  Just because you label someone as a slut doesn’t mean they are, that you should, or that it has any reflection on their capacity for self-determination.

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