The BBC’s Ben Brown, who is infamous for accusing someone with cerebal palsy of provoking police brutality, has struck again with his inflammatory nonsense. On the BBC’s News 24 channel, he raised the following points in an interview about the decision of the NUT and ATL teacher’s unions to strike:

  • “Everyone is happy to tighten their belts to help reduce the deficit, why should teachers be the exception?”
  • “The turnout was 40% in the public sector and 27% in the private sector, that isn’t much to base a strike action on is it!”
  • “You won’t actually achieve anything by doing this will you?!”
  • “Won’t this harm children’s education?”

For the record, while Brown pointed out the turnout was less than half in the public sector, this is still a fair turnout. Besides, the vote was 92% in favour of strike action. This is why the turnout was criticised instead.

I appreciate that his style may be playing devil’s advocate. But if this is true, doesn’t he go slightly too far with the tactic? This is not the first interview where all his leading questions have denounced political activism.

Plus, I get a real sense of confusion in his face as if he really doesn’t understand strikes, protests, or anything else outside the confines of his closed mind.

If you find the above comments similarly biased and inflammatory, complain to the BBC as well as the Press Complains Comission.


The beebs growing bias is beginning to become quite telling, with Ben Brown leading the charge.

To The Experts!: Ben Brown Returns!

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