Disney’s Guide for Men on How to Get Girls

In Feminism & pop culture, Andi Zeisler goes over both the Male Gaze as well as the female gaze. Whereas the more well known “Male Gaze” discusses the fact that women depicted in the media are usually structured in ways meant for male sexual consumption, there is also a unique way in which men are structured for female construction. While one would argue that women are seen as sexual object, men viewed through the construction of the female gaze are meant to be idolized for their good looks and charm. Take for instance, the cult following of male pop bangs, singing groups, Justin Bieber, even Chris Brown (who women will still die to stand on the same stage with after his public controversy and abuse allegations with Rihanna.) And don’t forget Seventeen Magazine & Cosmo who have consisten panels of “cute boys giving advice” because young teens are supposed to take their advice seriously based solely on the fact that their cute guy – and being a cute guy means their opinion about your life is important.

And the last cherry on the top of this cake is the disney rolemodels. Which I doubt is necessarily a guide for men – because the disney princess series is targeted towards young girls. If anything its a constant reminder to young girls these are the men who you need to spend your life pleasing and impressing boys who are cute. 

Sidenote: People aren’t good people simply because they’re “good looking” or good at acting, or can sing. 

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