Q: In response to the question about wearing Native American things (my reply was too long):

I am not Native American, but I do love the culture and have done a lot of research on everything. In my opinion I think wearing jewelry made by Native Americans is ok. I do not think it is ok to wear head dresses. A feather was given to a Native American man when he did something brave. Once he did enough then he was allowed to start putting all his feathers to make a head dress. At least that is what I have read. Is that correct?-hibeccaboo


The Eagle, is considered by some Native tribes as the messenger to the Creator. As such, it plays a significant spiritual role in Native American Indian tradition. The Golden Eagle Feather was a revered possession that instilled great respect among the members of the tribe and retained a prominent place, not only in the Four Sacred Rituals, but also in the Native Indian headdress worn at such ceremonies. During the Four Sacred Rituals we will wear an Eagle Feather in our hair.

When one receives an Eagle Feather that person is being acknowledged with gratitude, with love, and with ultimate respect. That feather must have sacred tobacco burnt for it. In this way the Eagle and the Creator are notified of the name of the new Eagle Feather holder. The holder of the Eagle Feather must ensure that anything that changes the natural state of one’s mind (Alcohol and Drugs) must never come in contact with the sacred Eagle Feather. The Keeper of the feather will make a little home where the feather will be kept. The Eagle Feather must be fed. You feed the Eagle Feather by holding or wearing the feather at sacred ceremonies. By doing this the Eagle Feather is recharged with sacred energy.

It is a little known fact that Native American headdresses were not made completely in one sitting. In fact, each time the chief, warrior, or other important tribe member committed a brave act, a feather was added. Therefore, the more feathers in the headdress, the braver…the wearer was. In certain tribes, the brave act itself was not enough. The warrior would have to provide [prepare] himself by fasting for several days and meditating the entire time to show his steadfastness. This fact alone makes the significance of the Native American headdress very important.It is also a very surprising and little known fact that women did not participate in making the Native American headdress. Only the men would help to make them, and this was often made by the chief or warrior’s closest friends and allies. Of all the feathers, the Golden Eagle feather was the most coveted and the most significant. If someone had one of these in their headdress, they received a great deal of reverence and respect from other members of the tribe. 

Today, many see the Native American headdress as symbol of strength and bravery. Wearing a Native American headdress was a real honor, and those who got the opportunity to wear one were revered and respected. (As seen in the infamous photograph of Albert Einstein wearing a headdress with Natives standing around him.) –NativeSkins


just needs to be on my blog. thanks Native Skins. Also it should be noted that Head dresses were a Plains Natives thing… not a generalized native thing… and even so not all Plains Native cultures uses head dresses. 

And this is why middle class white kids prancing around in a head dress is offensive.

Thank you to Native Skins for sharing.

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