This is complete and utter bullshit.OMFGTEHEVILCAUCASIANS!!!1!1!11

All races have a history of enslavement, torture, murder, etc. blacks sold blacks into slavery, whites sold whites, asians sold asians, etc. it still happens up to this day. Blacks have murdered, whites have murdered, every single race has a diverse history; why? that’s because RACES DON’T DEFINE YOU. Murderers, rapists, slave owners aren’t born into one elite race who constantly mistreat other races. Murderers, rapists and the scum of the earth are a percentage that can be any color, any sexuality, any gender, etc. So yeah, this portraying caucasians at the ultimate evil, or the elite race of oppressors and murderers is just full of shit, because oppressors and murderers have existed for hundreds of years and still exist, and they are all diverse, of different backgrounds, ethnicities, etc. The only thing they have in common is what they do. When blacks were being round up to be sold into slavery, who do you think were rounding them up? Tip: it was not only the white. it was predators, blacks included, who preyed upon the weakest who sold their own to white people, making them no better.

Fuck this racist little cartoon, and fuck everyone who reblogged it. Whites and their history aren’t inherently bad and other races and their history aren’t inherently saintly either. Humanity as a whole has a history tainted with blood, and whites are not the epitome of this blood history, and blacks and other races are not exempted from this blood history.

If you’re a UK citizen, when you learn about the second world war you hear about the London blitz, the holocaust.  They don’t tell you about Dresden.  They don’t tell you that the British were the first to use concentration camp tactics during the Boer War.  You hear about how we “discovered” and began to settle in the Americas but the issue of the people who lived there already and where they suddenly went is for the most part ignored.  You simply aren’t taught sufficiently about issues like the slave trade (and yes, black people did capture slaves to sell to the white folks but you know why?  Because the white folks would buy them.  The white folks turned it into a money spinning venture).  You’re taught how immense the British Empire was during the rule of Queen Victoria but luckily you skip over how that power was attained.

The same is true of any education system: it’s a biased glorification of the state to which it belongs.  It talks well of the glory but not where it came from.  Not to mention that the overriding fact of the matter is western, Caucasian states are the globally dominant (militarily and economically) from the Spanish and Portuguese empires, the French empire, the German, British and Russian empires.  For the last thousand years, western perception of history has been a battle for European empires to attain dominance by conquering lands outside of Europe.  This tradition is continued through U.S. economic and foreign policy.

So yes, people of colour have throughout time also been known to do bad things and it’s not solely the domain of Caucasian people to have the occasional evil leader.  But the way that history is taught ignores the existence of people of colour as completely as possible, and glorifies instead of presenting truth regarding the history of western states and nations.

So the cartoon is completely justified.

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