How about never.

And statements like yours is exactly why we cannot have peace. Israelis aren’t going to leave, and neither are the Palestinians. That’s the truth, whether you like it or not. If we don’t come up with some sort of solution, we will all end up dead in the end. Palestinians need recognition from Israel and Israel needs recognition from Palestinians in order for a peace treaty/state recognition to be functional. “How about never” is a blatantly ignorant and frankly, immature, statement to make. This is the real world, and there have to be real solutions. Completely dismissing either peoples’ cases for a home is just not going to work.

I can no more accept as legitimate the concept of a “Jewish state” than I can accept the concept of a “Christian state”, a “Muslim state”, a “white state”, a “black state”, a “heterosexual state”, a “male state” as being legitimate (irrespective of how they’re evidently present, that does not legitimise them).

States are places people happen to live and happen to be born.  They have no right to define who we are, nor do they have the right to devalue a person’s existence when that person doesn’t happen to fit the mould of what they claim to be.  The concept of a racial enforcement of a Jewish state is as racist as people who march shouting that latino people shouldn’t be in America, that Muslim people shouldn’t be in Britain, that black people shouldn’t hold power in South Africa.

Until people throw off the shackles of socially enforced and accepted racism, sexism, xenophobia, heteronormativity and religious primacy, there will be no peace. Regardless of who you are, where you’re from, what your culture is – you are all my brothers and sisters.  The only obligation you have is to work together and accept each others differences instead of using them to instigate fear and hate.

Time for Palestinians to say ‘I will accept a Jewish state’: Netanyahu

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