Your reply to the ask relating to the disagreement between Obama and Netanyahu was extremely well written, and I wholeheartedly agree that a secular, proportionally elected, democratic single Palestinian state is the only long term solution. But, like you seem to say, I believe that international peace talks will never achieve this goal and will continue to pander to Israeli interests.So on that note? How do you think the Palestinian people and their supporters achieve this goal? What is your opinion of Palestinian militancy?

Thank you 🙂

On the subject of how the goal is achieved, that’s a very tricky question to really answer.  I think the trap that is inherent within the situation is that, especially with Israel so well funded by lobbying groups and western states, the counter attacks in defence of the Palestinian people is as self-defeating as it is necessary.

I have massive respect for the militants that are willing to take up arms and defend themselves and their families against the Israeli military hegemony.  I also think there’s a problem with having a simplified view of suicide bombers as being inherently evil without understanding that often they’ll be people driven to the edge of desperation before they’ll commit such an act.  That said I think at all times we must question the real motivations behind groups such as Hamas and Fatah, and recognise that rather than being popular movements they’re instead political groups with their own agendas of power.  The actions they initiate are in their own interests of maintaining themselves in positions of power, not necessarily in the absolute best interests of the Palestinian people.

Simply attacking back with inaccurate and ineffective Qassam rockets, or suicide bombings or similar, doesn’t seem to be a particularly productive approach.  It isn’t a direct confrontation of the Israeli military (and lets be honest nobody would really want to put their head on the chopping block and risk that), and attacks on civilians are damaging to the cause because it plays into the rhetoric machines of the mainstream media in painting Israel as under threat from these big bad enemies and simply struggling to survive.  Although the reality is clearly very different.  Yet at the same time to not have militancy and simply do nothing would create a very real risk of giving Israel carte blanche to expand without repercussion.

What needs to happen at the same time is to create co-operative communities of both Palestinians and Israelis, demonstrating that they can live together in harmony without worrying about religious background, genetic heritage or some other arbitrary definition.  Of course, that’s how things were in Palestine some 70 years ago before zionism really took such a hold. How people can be convinced to leave their lives/prejudices behind to set up such communities, especially without Israeli government interference, is obviously the hardest question there is.  But I think the most effective step at the point in which the situation is, is to demonstrate that the Israel/Palestine situation isn’t just a question of who has the bigger gun, but the fact that there are real people trying to make a living on both sides of the fence.

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