By bias, I mean.. if I am reading something I know is obviously bias, it causes me to then want to seek another source – on the other side – (to verify validity of facts, etc, maybe) and, sometimes, I just want the news [the best account of what went on that all/most parties can agree on].So if I get a clearer/’calm’/more ‘neutral’ account of something, I take it in more, then will seek other sources – that may be emotional – to understand the different sides, presuming I care enough to search.E.g., Friend A is annoyed at Friend B for something they did, but Friend B thinks Friend A’s reaction is stupid. Friend C is caught in the middle of this argument, not particularly on any side. Who would I rather go to first if I wanted to understand what was going on? Friend C. Friend C can tell me what happened, what A and B think and maybe what they think. I don’t want to go to Friend A or B first or any of their allies, they are too involved/emotional.-_- Ha ha, sorry, I’m often bad at analogies. I just hope you can see what I might be getting at. Not saying all newspapers are like that, I don’t come across most and – although I stumble on them daily – I don’t pay too much attention to them as a whole.I think I meant the Socialist Workers Party. =) Ahh, but I like people voting and contributing to the system in such a way… although I appreciate why some don’t.Yeah, I don’t much care for the way our education system is run. I came out of it pretty badly due to such pressures. Not grades-wise, but I’ve ‘suffered’ from exam stress since age 11, ha ha! Sad, sad times. S’why I worry about Uni., only the last year of A-Level exams did I not get sick during an exam period. = So, my stress-coping is better, but it’s not perfect.Exactly, I just didn’t know if I would change my mind. Then I figured, after three years, I probably do want to do it (actually, Japanese + Law, but oh well, beggars can’t be choosers..). Admittedly, I needed a push to do it and I’m terrified about it. The anticipation is what stresses me though. As soon as I am there, I’m sure I’ll be fine. I certainly wouldn’t have applied if I didn’t think so.

I think university, for all of it’s ups and downs, has been the best thing to happen in my life.  The people that I’ve met and the experiences I’ve had have shaped me into who I am today.  It’s less about the exams and more about the living 🙂

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