I think I know what you mean. People try and persuade me to get help with some things (not because anything’s bad, more of a ‘just because’ thing), but because I don’t feel so restricted by my ‘problems’ that I can’t function, live well, be happy or get to where I want to be… I don’t see any of it as a big enough issue. And, yeah, by ‘playing up’ to some things, I’d also feel as if I were taking advantage. But, if I felt I were in need, I would take it.Ha ha, I’m sure you wouldn’t be a Milgram experiment though… =P That stuff is crazy! I wonder how I would’ve reacted under it. I saw it acted out on one of Derren Brown’s shows and just couldn’t understand how people could carry on. Maybe it’s just ’cause I find it hard to injure anyways. If someone says, “Punch me in the arm has hard as you can”, I just can’t do it. I always soften up by the time I get to their arm ’cause I’m so worried. Ha ha, even though I am weak~.Ahh, that’s an interesting idea [becoming a journalist], I think it would be fun! Although, I do not like newspapers too much. I often don’t like people’s styles of reporting, it’s a bit too emotional/bias and I don’t like that, ha ha. Maybe I should be nicer about it, but it makes it harder to read, I think. I knew of a few people who worked for the BBC, a journalist for the website was pretty groove and seemed to love his job! Regarding Parliament-ness, I did once think to be an MP (and I wish I could, just so I could then become a Speaker!). However, I completely lack the qualities to tolerate the world of a polictian, I’m afraid.Hmmm, you are anti-Capitalist, aye? Are you a supporter of the Socialist Party at all? I, admittedly, don’t know much about them. I understand socialist and communist ideologies on a basic level, but I don’t know much about its representative political parties’ practical proposals. I think I’ll add it to my “things to find out” list. =)Anyways, I ask about that party because they always seem quite active (well, I see them on Stokes Croft occasionally and such at least, ha ha! << It’s amazing – to me – that you happen to live where I’m from). I reckon they’d be awesome to speak to about what you could do or set up. Err.. not that you’d need to go through those lengths… but it’d be fun to ask anyways? =DThat’s true. I am going to be doing a Japanese Studies course in September. Some people are like, “Err… a language course?…” and warn me that I won’t necessarily become fluent, etc. However! It’s something I believe I will enjoy. It’s not like it’s a sudden choice. I actually chose not to go to Uni (at 21) because I wanted to be sure of whether I wanted to do it or not (I know, I take ages..). I will keep with me forever in my personal life at least, so – worse comes to worst – it will not be a complete waste to me, even if it appears that way to others. Ha ha(Sorry for talking so much =O I’m quite the chatterbox, unfortunately).

Milgram is quite an odd one.  I think it plays upon working its way into getting you to do something without you realising what you’re doing until it’s too late.  The research is important for understanding how peole are susceptible to that though, and once you know about the susceptibility you can better guard yourself against falling into the trap.

I know what you mean about journalism.  It’s something you have to be aware of how you use it and what it’s being used for.  I think the concept of bias is quite interesting because it sort of assumes there’s some level of neutrality – I don’t agree that that’s possible.  I don’t really think neutrality exists, or if it does we can know what it is or where it lies.  The main thing is being conscious of what the bias is for a writer or paper and whose interests they’re working for, and then being conscious of that as you read an article when it comes to how you analyse it.

Yup, anti-capitalist.  When you say Socialist Party, so you mean Socialist Workers Party or Socialist Party?  In either case I support that they exist, and think they play an important role in building a movement.  I don’t affiliate myselves with them, or any political party, because at least for the time being I’d rather remain free of working myself into a system.  I do have a few friends that are SWP members though, and when they organise events I take an interest and try to get involved.  All the members I’ve met are friendly, sociable and good people though so I’m sure if you ever go up to them for a chat about something I’m sure they’d be more than happy.

I think if you weren’t certain about what you wanted to do, it’s good that you’ve waited.  I don’t like the way the schooling system is set up: in year 9 you’re told to pick these courses that will help you do well in this job you choose for you to go into.  And you’re what, 13?  And then you’re told the same thing at 16, and at 18.  As if you’re never going to change your mind about it.  Balls to that, do what you think is good for you and don’t bottle neck yourself into something you’ll live to hate!

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