My friend Troy posted a rather thoughtful status regarding the death of Bin Laden:

Here’s an example of the response he received:

Roughly thirty comments later (from him and others), which included Jacob Leonard claiming I sympathized with bin Laden versus the troops and victims of…

“dude your retarted, it’s a war not a revenge, what do you do in a fucking war troy? you go after the bad guy and when its done you celebrate, dumb shit”, despite being the first bit has to be my favourite.

Not least because he starts out with “your retarted”, which is very much one of those point-one-finger-four-back-at-yourself situations, but because killing Osama was part of this massive war effort that’s been going on.  You know the war on terror?  The one that’s basically been ten years of bombing civilians because some people from some other country killed some (comparatively minuscule) number of people from our countries?

Well, we killed the bad guy.  The boogeyman.  The biggest, scariest person ever.  He’s in charge of such an advanced militarised terror network that they themselves wanted to give him up [clicky] months into the start of the conflict.  But now that we’ve killed almost a million innocent bystanders we’ve got him.  Off our own intuition.  We could’ve had him ten years ago, but I’d like to point out that torturing innocent people for fun in Guantanamo wouldn’t have been nearly half as outwardly justifiable if it hadn’t happened that of the hundreds, one actually knew something.  But that’s fine we still ignored it for three years [clicky] and now you can all sleep well at night, because killing one person is going to solve everything wrong with the world.

Don’t forget, this was a war: a war against innocent bystanders.  And we’ve won it now we’ve killed someone that wasn’t innocent.  Not that we were going to take them to a criminal court to prove their guilt because we figured it’d be quicker and easier to just shoot him and drop him in the ocean.

Cognitive Dissonance: Feedeth ye not the trolls, lest ye becometh a troll

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