Hi There, I’m a poli sci and public policy student. In your opinion, do you think these areas can impact and make a positive change in the world? If so, what ways can a person studying these fields do just that? I need the motivation!

I’m a politics student but my preference is towards political philosophy over the comparative aspects of political science.  I think the ethical question of “what are the systems we’re creating, how do they really function and who do they benefit?” are of absolute importance.  Of course studying the nature of governments, as long as you keep a critical mind regarding them, can only be beneficial.  What’s more is knowing how things work improves how you can make changes.  As an anti-statist, anti-capitalist I would’ve said the best overall good you can do with that sort of a degree would be along the lines of journalism (something which interests me greatly), or perhaps finding work with charitable organisations that help people for the sake of helping people rather than for profit.

Personally, a degree is about self-development and enlightenment.  Once you’ve finished your degree, if you keep an eye out looking for a job that will suit your interests and passions, then your degree will benefit you within that regardless of what it is you choose.  Although the bare facts are important, the most important thing you’re learning along the way is critical thinking.  Good luck with your studies!

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