That’s very true. I think I’ve just been exposed too far too many anarchists and leftists in the U.S. who don’t think about these things, but it’s very true that I was unfair in declaring this to be inherent in radical ideologies. My friend wrote a really interesting piece detailing the inaccessibility of homesteads and communal living areas in the U.S.:!/note.php?note_id=10150116339165750. Unfortunately, it’s on Fb but I’ll ask if I can re-post it on here if you can”t access it.

I can’t access it, but as it’s a note they can make it openly accessible to the whole public so it should be viewable to non-friends, if they choose.  Although it probably wouldn’t hurt to post it directly onto tumblr and credit it to them if it’s of good interest 🙂

Any radical group which isn’t confronted with others outside of their own close-nit niche will tend to become insular in it’s ideology.  It’s a problematic aspect with the way they, by compulsion and sometimes necessity, function in that they’re not always and absolutely fully inclusive.  Especially with certain aspects of cultural anarchism which are more focussed on practice than theory and can have a habit of doing things without fully internalising the reasoning behind them.

Unless they have a minority representer within their midst from the beginning to force them to realise the necessity of struggles other than their immediate own, there’s the inevitable potential that they become subject to the same prejudices that are inherent within the capitalist society which we are all unavoidably a product of.  The problem occurs when they fail to realise this and deal with it and instead project these prejudices onwards.

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