I can’t tell you how many times a day the question, “How can I make peace with my belief in sustainability, anarchy, and anti-capitalism when I am a disabled person who relies on petroleum-based products and the medical industry simply to survive?”. I realize that’s it’s only through class and…

Maybe I just seriously misunderstand how this reply thing on Tumblr works but it seems if I run out of space and start a new reply it just replaces the old one instead of being able to clock up a paragraph overall.  So I guess I have to reblog this and add it as a comment on top.

Revolution isn’t by necessity intrinsic to primitivism.  For example if you look at Cuba they’ve engaged in a (disjointed and not fully successful) revolution the result of which (to look at one aspect and not all others) is one of the best healthcare systems in the world, and one of the best medical education systems.  Their doctors are in high demand and exported to other Latin American countries because they’re so skilled.

The purpose of the revolution is two-fold.  Firstly to remove the hierarchal system that leads to the oppression of the masses by the few.  Secondly, and necessitated by and for the first point, to remove capital as a form which alienates people from their labour and from each other.  There is no necessity that you’re excluded from this, indeed the inverse is true: you must be included and your needs must be considered for the building of a stronger, more connected and more humane society.

How can we consider ourselves to not be alienated from each other, how can we consider ourselves to be throwing off the shackles of hierarchy?  If we allow people who, by lottery of birth or accident, are “less-abled” to not have the same opportunities as those who are “abled” then we are maintaining elitism, maintaining hierarchy and propagating the subjugation of others as second-class citizens.  If your revolutionary comrades do not comprehend this very basic principle of equality and egalitarianism they need to spend a lot of time considering what, exactly, it is that they’re fighting for.

I’m the same as I was when I was six years-old.: Being disabled in so-called radical spaces can be really unsettling.

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